Opticians and the Health Professionals Act/Regulations in Alberta

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Shannyn Rus, CIAPP-P


Shannyn Rus, CIAPP-P has an understanding of and experience operationalizing access and privacy legislation supported by years of front line experience and progressive responsibility in dealing with access and privacy related matters.

From the University of Alberta, Shannyn holds the Information Access & Privacy Protection Certificate, and current professional designation with the Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals (CIAPP-P).

Shannyn is passionate about environments which are privacy conscious and works with you to help your organization create a ‘Culture of Privacy’ which also respects access to information legislation.

She supports business owners with the development of custom privacy programs and policies and by bringing current, informative and relevant training to you and your team.
Let Shannyn put her extensive knowledge of Canadian access and privacy legislation to work for you.

Opticians, have you recently gone virtual and would like to perform a Privacy Impact Assessment? Are you interested in training your staff on records management and destruction according?


Because privacy is risky business for all involved, it is important to know where your organization or business wants to be, as well as where you currently measure on a Privacy Gap Assessment.

There are a number of laws and jurisdictions involved, making it difficult to understand where to even start. Our team would begin with an assessment process to review the current state of your privacy compliance and provide you with a comprehensive audit report.

The Privacy Impact Assessment will advise you on potential risks related to privacy and mitigation recommendations to ensure your organization meets current privacy standards.

The systematic process to determine if basic privacy requirements are met, can be an extremely effective process and proactive tool to grow from while building privacy into your organizations structure and establishing ongoing accountability.

TWO New Online Training courses Available

The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) is Alberta’s private sector privacy law. The PIPA Online training course is a self-managed awareness training opportunity. It is intended to provide organizations and individuals a basic overview of the concepts of information access and privacy in relation in Alberta’s privacy legislation. A certificate of completion will be produced upon completion of all lessons and final quiz.

For public bodies, such as government departments and municipalities, please see the Freedom of Information and Protection (FOIP) of Privacy Training Course information. https://www.edu.rustructconsulting.com


Vital to an organizations or business’s privacy management framework are the polices, statements, procedures, and consent to use, disclose, and protection of information documents. The development of privacy framework pieces set the standards and practices for the way you or your staff manage the personal information in your care. Your commitment to privacy tells your clients their information is important and appropriate safeguards are in place for them to place trust in you and your business.

Shannyn collaborates with you to develop customized privacy policies, procedures, and guidelines to the unique needs of your business which are current under Canadian privacy legislation.


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