Self Assessment: When do I need to update my Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)?

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  1. Have you replaced the system or process (administrative practices) that were described in your previous PIA submission?
  2. Is your system locally hosted in your office space, or is your system hosted in a data centre or in the cloud?
  3. Have you introduced new user access roles or groups?
  4. Are you granting access to your system or exchanging information with another organization that was not mentioned in the mentioned PIA submission?
  5. Have you added new ways of communicating with patients?
  6. Have you added wireless access to your system?
  7. Have you added remote access to your system?
  8. Have you allowed access to your system via mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones?
  9. Have you updated your privacy policies to reflect changes to legislation since your PIA was submitted?
  10. Have you conducted a review of your privacy policies within the previous two years?


Answering “Yes” to questions 1-8 trigger the PIA update requirement.

Answering “No” to questions 9-10 triggers a review of your policies and make changes where necessary.

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