Privacy Legislation and the Church in Canada

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Technology in the church is growing. Families are consumed by it. Churches are using it to reach families. The integration requires caution and Best Practice policies. The use of technology in the church needs to be supported by training. From software chosen for children’s attendance records to photos taken within the Sunday school classes, the secure use of Wi-Fi/personal devices, websites, and what to do if a church member’s privacy has been compromised.

Churches, such as the one I will use in my training example, often also run daycares which is considered a commercial activity which requires additional training as there is more to know when church activity moves from general to commercial.

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The Plan

Topic: Privacy Legislation and the Church

Question: Why do churches need to be concerned about privacy?

Objective: Train staff/volunteers (possibly parents) in the principles, policies, and practices of your church as it relates to their position.

Define: Personal Information

Explore: Church and Provincial/Federal Legislation

Action: Steps to Protect

Resources: Provide Tips 


This training content is a summary of legal opinion for the purpose of providing you information. Learners are advised that they are responsible to determine for themselves the requirements and implications of all federal, provincial/territorial legislation. This training is not intended as a substitute for legal advice.

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