Do you want to learn more about Privacy Legislation for Churches? Online Training Now Available!

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Technology is increasingly important in churches, as families increasingly rely on it. Churches use technology to connect with families, but exercising caution and following best practices is essential. To effectively use technology in the church, appropriate training is required, such as selecting the right software to manage children’s attendance records and ensuring the safe use of personal devices, Wi-Fi, and websites. It is also crucial to have protocols for privacy breaches that may affect church members.

Many churches also operate daycares as a commercial activity, which requires additional training to adhere to specific guidelines when transitioning from general to commercial church activities.

To help church leadership teams better understand Canada’s Access and Privacy Legislation, I have developed a course on Privacy Regulations and the Church. The objective is to educate church staff, volunteers, and parents on the church’s principles, policies, and practices regarding their roles. The course covers the definition of personal information, examination of church and provincial/federal regulations, measures to safeguard personal information, and offers guidance and resources.

To take the course, click here.

Please note that this training gives learners an overview of legal opinions and information. Still, it is essential to comply with all federal, provincial/territorial legislation and not to consider it a replacement for legal advice.

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