Breach Investigations for Small Business

LEGISLATION: Personal Information Protection of Privacy (PIPA)

Time is of the essence for both the organization or business as well as the individual. Every moment counts when responding to a privacy breach as people and/or systems are compromised and your reputation is on the line.

Privacy breaches occur when one or more people experience unauthorized access to, collection of, used and disclosure of their personal information. It is considered a breach if the information is stolen, snooped through intentionally, or even shared accidentally by sending an email to the wrong recipient containing personally identifiable information of another.

Our team works with you to reveal the facts surrounding a potential or actual information breach and identifies an appropriate plan of action. Our goal is to help minimize the harm to the affected individual(s) and your organization’s reputation.

Our investigations involve a specific action plan to assist with breach containment, assessment of the risks and harms, notification process, and provide support with mitigation and prevention recommendations.

Breach Investigations: Help For Individuals

LEGISLATION: Health Information Act (HIA) & Personal Information Protection of Privacy (PIPA)

Organizations and businesses are well advised to seek assistance through the investigation and response portions of a privacy breach investigation. However, individuals are faced with the difficult task of learning the applicable legislation, trying to find the proper contacts and forms to fill in, as well as acting as their own advocate in an unfamiliar territory on top of their already busy schedule.

Our team of privacy professionals is equipped to assist individuals who have become aware or notified of a breach of their privacy under the Health Information Act (HIA), or Personal Information Protection of Privacy (PIPA) legislations within Alberta.

Your personal privacy rights are important and you deserve to have knowledgeable professionals help guide you through the initial steps following notification through the complaint resolution process.

If you are an individual who requires assistance gaining tracking on your file awareness, or you require assistance communication with the investigative bodies, then let us support you.