Privacy & Your Website

Personal information is simply put, not safe until better systems are built!

At this time there is little control over the data that organizations store or how it’s being used.  Asking questions about what is done with your data or how it’s being stored is important.

We have grown so accustomed to, or should I say, comfortable with life online, we give very little thought to what is actually happening behind the scenes on our computer when we enter our usernames and passwords for our website admin areas, or our online banking accounts, our membership signups, online purchases and what about all the photos and day to day information that is shared on social media platforms of our kids, our private lives?

Personal information is just that! It’s personal.

What you decide and choose to put online whether it’s via your website or a social media platform is important. Once there, it’s there.

Website developers have to think differently now. We think about our clients rights.  We provide information regarding privacy on their websites and why certain things today are important to include or to not include on your website.

Hackers Target ANY Website

You might think your website isn't valuable enough, interesting enough or that your business is large enough to be the target of hackers. Hackers don't care. They are out there to hurt anyone and any business. They can do this through simply defacing your website, changing your text, adding profanity that you might not notice at the moment but your viewers will see it right away. They can send spam through your server, knock your website offline, or hold it for ransom just to name a few consequences.

Every so often we have clients asking us if they can change their lengthy and impossible to remember admin password for their website dashboard. They are met with a resounding 'no'. Those long passwords containing letters, capitals, numbers and symbols are put in place for a reason. To stop hackers. We don't stop there with safety and privacy for your website and your protection. All of our website clients are on our own secure dedicated server which is located in Vancouver Canada. It is backed up nightly and we have 24/7 server support,  web application firewall protection and secure anti-spam configuration. Our business is to take care of and to protect your business to the best of our ability.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is new legislation passed by the EU parliament in 2016. It has been in effect since May 2018.
Although the GDPR is European legislation, it has a global impact.

Developers worldwide need to understand the new requirements as European citizens are protected even in their business outside of the EU.

Custom Website Design & Development

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