Treat the personal information under your control, as you would want someone to treat your personal information under their control.

Alberta Privacy Advisor for Small Business and Start-ups

We are based in Edmonton and work with organizations and businesses of all sizes across a diverse range of industries including health care, municipalities, non-profit committees and boards.

It’s all about Trust and Relationships, not just privacy compliance

An effective privacy management program directly supports your organization’s or businesses’ success and reputation. The information held and managed by you is ultimately about people and reputable organizations are built on trust with people.

However, navigating the landscape of the information you hold about the people you do business with, whether public or private, can be time consuming, overwhelming, and confusing. Our consultants specialize in privacy so you can keep focus on your area of expertise.

If your organization, public or private, uses, collects, or stores information such as: business transactions, employee records, customer records, client files, patient or student records, you are obligated to consider a privacy and information management strategy as the consequences of having an internal or external privacy breach can be severe and include sanctions, damage to reputation, and monetary penalties or fines.

Our team is here to ensure that doesn’t happen to you! We have experts in federal and provincial access privacy policies who can support you in a variety of ways: